Sky High-Short Synopsis (YA Dystopian)

I got this idea after reading Hugh’s Wool debut. The population is trapped in a fortified silo after a catastrophic disaster. I wondered what kind of a human populace would take to the sky to avoid a wrenching natural upheaval in the form of an massive earthquake and subsequent tidal wave. What would it be like living above ground with no hope of ever setting foot on Terra firma again? This is repped by my agent Sara Camilli and is currently out on submission. I’ll include some artwork when I can find a suitable sky high city as described in the story text. I’ll include a first chapter–check out the excerpt section.

TAG: A Hunger Games and Logan’s Run mash-up.

Four teenagers make a desperate parachute jump from an 800 year-old tower city in Salem, Oregon, called Cloud’s Rest. They are 5,822 feet high, confined to a self-sustained metropolis of 1,300 acres and 8,000 residents. There is one law that has been strictly enforced by the city government since its conception: no one is allowed to leave the futuristic pier/city and set a foot on the earth. Four hundred years into the lifetime of Cloud’s Rest, a 9.9 earthquake set off the Yellowstone Supervolcano, nearly wiping out most of humanity. Since then it has never been safe down there.

All that is left below are wild rogue tribes and monstrous feral animals, so the rumors say.

The kids don’t believe in primitive savages and man-eating beasts. Besides, juveniles of their ilk have been tortured for acts of which they had no control over; but that’s the way orphans (dung beetles) are dealt with in their society.

During a distracting city celebration, the kids land on terra firma in the dead of night. They make a mad dash for freedom. They are in search of a mythical Shangri-La, a sweet haven which holds the last remnants of a surviving and peace-loving community. New sights and smells assault their senses. The earth between their feet seems to go on forever, and they are drunk crazed with freedom.

 Yet something’s amiss.

Toby Johansson, the seventeen year-old physical enhancement instructor and the chosen leader of their band, has led them out of the flames and straight into hell. The rumors were true—they’ve trespassed into a nightmare world of tribal warriors and hybrid monsters. They can’t retreat; the Cloud’s Rest security force is hot on their trail, armed with super weapons and a track vehicles. They’re hemmed in, and sure to be killed or arrested.

Not only do the kids doubt their chances of ever finding their safe, new home, but they are now certain they will never live to see their ultimate dream come true. After a rouge tribe captures the kids and condemns them to death, a miracle unfolds that turns the tables on everything. The security detail that runs them down finds them just as they are about to be executed. The cops and kids make a daring escape to find shelter and safety somewhere—anywhere. They can’t get back to Cloud’s Rest, the track vehicles are broken. So they steal horses and begin a perilous thousand mile journey south over the Rockies where they find the remnants of an inhabited civilization known as Lala Vegas. It’s the strangest city and people they’ve ever seen. This place was not in the history books. It had to be Xanadu, that promised Shangri-La. All they have to do is throw themselves before the mercy of the Vegas king and pray for the best. Their best is answered with a nightmare (END HOOK).

COMPARABLE TITLES:  The Hunger Games and Wool. There is also the desperation seen in Logan’s Run, since escaping a dictatorial society is paramount to their existence.

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